B7 (Biology) IDEAS IN CONTEXT June 2012

This is information that I expect will come up and we will need for the Ideas and Context in Biology B7 June 2012. I cannot guarantee that I have included all the information needed, or that the information listed below will be needed, but it will help with your general knowledge anyway. Good luck!

http://getrevising.co.uk/resources/b7_biology_ideas_in_context_potential_questions_and_answers  ------ HERE ARE THE POTENTIAL QUESTIONS (given by my teacher) AND POSSIBLE ANSWERS (written by myself). I can't guarantee the longer ones are 100% right, but they should give you a good idea of what they could ask, and what the answers may be! I hope they help! If you have any comments, queries (or you want to correct some of my answers), then comment below :). I have also added some links to useful websites, and added 6 extra questions I've found on the internet!

This document was written in a rush, and I wanted to put it up ASAP, so I apologise if some doesn't make sense, or if there are some spelling errors. You can also post a question if you don't understand, and hopefully I'll get back to you.



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