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B6a ­ Understanding Bacteria!
Compare the structure of bacterial cells with plant and animal cells.
Bacteria do not have a proper nucleus they have a nucleoid (which unlike a nucleus doesn't have a
membrane around it).
Bacteria do not contain mitochondria, chloroplasts or a vacuole.

A bacteria cell

Capsule ­…

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Products that are made using bacteria
1. Cheese
2. Yoghurt
3. Beer
4. Wine
5. Olives/Pickles

Shape of Bacterial Cells
Rod shaped
Spherical shaped
Spiral shaped
Curved Rod shaped

How can bacteria be grown industrially for the use of man?
A bacteria left in ideal conditions can split into 2…

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B6b ­ Harmful Microorganisms
Disease Cause? How is it spread?
Food Poisoning Salmonella, E Coli (Rod shaped Eating raw or undercooked food
bacteria) contaminated with faeces, poor personal
Cholera Vibrio (Comma Shaped bacteria) Drinking water contaminated with faeces
Dysentery Entamoeba (singlecelled Drinking water contaminated with faeces

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damaged roads and transport systems so health workers cannot get to the people to treat
communications destroyed
Some diseases that can be caused are cholera (broken sewage pipes), dysentery (broken sewage
pipes) and food poisoning (not fridge = decaying food).

Stages of an infectious disease
7. Pathogen enters your…

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B6c ­ Microorganisms factories for the future?
Yeast is classified in the kingdom of Fungi
Yeast cells reproduce asexually by budding
Fermentation is the breakdown of sugars by yeast in the absence
of oxygen.
Fermentation equation:
Glucose ethanol (alcohol) + carbon dioxide
C6H12O6 2C2H5OH + 2CO2
The factors that…

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How can yeast be used to treat water contaminated by sugars?
The yeast will break down the sugars, so the sugar will not be left in the water from food processing

How are different strains of yeast useful to brewers?
Different strains of yeasts can tolerate different levels of…

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B6d ­ Biofuels
Advantages of Biofuels over Fossil Fuels
Biofuels Fossil Fuel
Once burned more can be Takes millions of years to
grown, it is a sustainable be made
Return the same amount Add carbon dioxide to the
of CO2 to the air as it took atmosphere
to grow…

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Why do most plants rely on soil?
They need the soil for water
They need oxygen
They need the minerals from the soil
Groups of Living Organism that Soil Contains
Herbivores (slugs, snails and wireworms), eat plant material
Detritivores (earthworms, millipedes, springtails), feed on dead organic material
Carnivores (centipedes,…

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