B6 Keywords - 21st C Science

Keywords that need to be known for B6

OCR Biology, 21st Century Science

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Keywords for B6
21st Century Science OCR
Action or behaviour caused by a stimulus
A change in the environment that causes a response
Everything an organism does. It's response to all the stimuli around it
Simple Reflex
An automatic response made by an animal to a stimulus
An automatic response made by a body without a conscious thought
Pupil Reflex
A reflex that prevents bright light from damaging the yes. Muscles in the iris causes the pupil to
change size depending on the brightness of light entering the eye
Newborn Reflexes
Reflexes to particular stimuli that usually occur only for a short time in newborn babies.
Nervous System
Tissues and organs that control the body's response to stimulus. In a mammal it is made up of the
nervous system and the peripheral nervous system
Nerve Impulses
Electrical impulses carried by neurons (nerve cells)
Reflex Arc
A neuron pathway that brings about a reflex response. A reflex arc involves a sensory neuron,
connecting neurons in the brain or spinal cord, and motor neuron.
The part of the control system detects changes in the system and passes this information to the
processing centre
Sensory Neuron
A neuron that carries nerve impulses from a receptor to the spinal cord or brain
Central Nervous System
In animals this is the brain and the spinal cord
Motor Neuron
A neuron that carries nerve impulses from the brain or spinal cord to an effectors
The part of the control system that brings about the change to the system
Peripheral Nervous System
The network of nerves connecting the central nervous system to the rest of the body
Nerve cells
A long thin, extension of the cytoplasm of a neuron. The axon carries electrical impulses very quickly
Fatty Sheath
Fat wrapped around the outside of an axon to insulate neurons from each other
Parts of the body which make enzymes, hormones and other secretions, for example sweat glands
Muscles move parts of the skeleton for movement. There are also muscles in other parts of the body
E.G. in the walls of arteries

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A tiny gap between neurons that transmit nerve impulses from one neuron to another by means of
chemicals diffusing across the gap
Receptor Molecules
A specific molecule on the surface or inside of a cell with a characteristic and physical structure
A metric unit of length that equals to one billionth of a meter
Serotonin is a chemical released at one type of synapse. When serotonin is released you get feelings
of pleasure
Prozac is the name of an anti-depressant drug.…read more


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