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B5 ­ Revision Notes
Bones and Cartilage
Exoskeleton and Endoskeleton are different types of the skeleton outside skeletons
and internal skeletons:
Exo ­ Snail
Endo Human
Cartilage: Bones have cartilage at the top of the bone because this stops the bones
from rubbing together and causing pain and stop the…

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Smoking Excessively
Stress Levels
Drug Abuse
Lack of Exercise

Circulatory System
Humans have a double circulatory system which means that oxygenated blood
moves around the body via one half of the heart while the other half of the heart sends
deoxygenated blood to the lungs to pick up the oxygen…

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Pulse Rate increase when the amount of adrenaline goes up because it has been
released, this increase blood flow around the body which increase the amount of
oxygen transported to the working muscle.
Pacemaker Cell: SA node sends electrical impulses to the AV node and also makes
the atria…

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- Life Style Choices (Smoking)
- Asthma


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