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Effected by exercise and change of temperature in your surroundings
Whenever you lose water from exercise, you have to gain it again through
eating, drinking or respiration
Receptor: detects stimuli
Processing Centre: receives information and coordinates responses
Effectors: produce the response to the change
Vasodilation: Increase in heat loss (when you get hot)
Vasoconstriction: Decrease in heat loss (when you get hot), Constriction is like to
stop, stop the heat loss
Heat stroke is caused by dehydration, and can be cured by drinking, using a
fan. The symptoms are red skin, confusion, fainting etc.
Hypothermia is when you are very cold, and your body temperature drops under
35 degrees
The Kidney's remove urea and chemicals from your body. They also re-absorb
sugar, salt and water (as needed). It excretes any other urine
When salt levels are high, a more dilute urine is produced
When you drink Alcohol, large amounts of dilute urine is produced as you are
Ecstasy makes a small amount of concentrated urine
Concentration of urine is controlled by ADH
Osmosis is when water from a dilute solution moves into a more concentrated


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