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B5 Growth and Development ­ Meristems,
Cloning Plants and Rooting Powder
By Cait…read more

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In plants, the only cells that are mitotically
(divide by mitosis) active are found in
plant tissues called...
MERISTEMS…read more

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What are meristems?
Meristems produce unspecialised cells that
are able to divide and form any cell type in
the plant ­ they act like embryonic stem
However, unlike human stem cells, these
cells can divide to generate any type of cell
for as long as the plant lives…read more

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Where is meristem tissue found?
It is found in the areas of a plant that are
growing. For example:
-shoots…read more

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Cloning Plants
Cuttings taken from an area of the plant
that is growing will contain unspecialised
meristem cells which can differentiate to
make any cell
This means a whole new plant can grow
from the cutting
This new plant will be a clone of the
original/parent plant…read more

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Why clone plants?
Gardeners often take cuttings from plants
with desirable characteristics, and then
plant them to produce identical copies of
the parent plant…read more

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