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B5 ­ Growth and Development ­ Answers
1. DNA is a very large molecule shaped like a twisted ladder. The shape is a double helix. Long strands of DNA make up
chromosomes. These are found in the nucleus of a cell. DNA carries the genetic code which controls how an…

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14. DNA is a chemical code, or set of instructions. Our bodies need proteins for growth and development, and the DNA
controls which proteins are made. The code consists of four different chemicals, or bases, that always pair up in the
same way:
T always pairs with A
C always…

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24. Plants cells are different to animal cells in another way. Unspecialised stem cells in plants are grouped together in
structures called meristems. Cells produced by meristems ensure that plants continue to grow in height and width
throughout their life. Animals stop growing in size once they become adults. Plant…


Sasha Dean


This is the best revision for B5.

Very colourful and informative. Easy to learn from.

Hopefully you have similar revision aid for other topics!




this is really great thanks :)

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