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B4: It's
a Green
World…read more

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THERE?…read more

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The Leaf in Brief
6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2
Adaptations of a leaf:
Large SA to capture sunlight
Veins carry water to the leaf and take
food from the leaf to the rest of plant
Leaf is thin so gas exchange (diffusion) can
occur quickly
Stem Contain chlorophyll to absorb light
CO2 for photosynthesis enters the leaf
through pores and water enters through
the roots…read more

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Cross Section of a Leaf…read more

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Cross Section of a Leaf
The circle bit in the middle is the vein (made up of Xylem and
Most photosynthesis happens in the palisade layer because
they have the highest number of chloroplasts
Cells are longer in the palisade layer to absorb the most
light for photosynthesis
Upper Epidermis is transparent to let light through
Air spaces in the spongy mesophyll layer aid diffusion as
they increase the internal SA…read more

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EVERYWHERE…read more

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