B4 Keywords - 21st C Science

Keywords that need to be known for B4

OCR Biology, 21st Century Science

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Preparation for PPT for Biology 4
Keywords for B4
21st Century Science OCR
Keeping a steady state inside your body
The part of the control system that detects changes in the system and passes this
information to the processing centre
Processing Centre
The part of the control system that receives and processes information from the receptor,
and triggers actions by the effectors
The part of the control system that brings about the change to the system
Antagonistic Effectors
Antagonistic effectors have opposite effects
A protein that catalyses (speeds up) chemical reactions in living things
Active Site
The part of an enzyme where the reacting molecules fit into
An enzyme is said to be denatured when it cannot change back, like cooked egg whites
Optimum Temperature
The temperature at which enzymes work fastest
A series of reactions in cells which release energy for the cell to use
Parts of the body away from the core, for example fingers and toes
(Of the body) central parts of the body where the body temperature is kept constant
The part of the brain that controls many different functions, for example body temperature
Very quick muscle contractions. Releases more energy from muscle cells to raise body
Narrowing of blood vessels
Widening of blood vessels
Partially Permeable Membrane
A membrane that acts as a barrier to some molecules, but allows others to diffuse freely
The diffusion of water across a partially permeable membrane
Active Transport
Active Transport is where molecules are moved in or out of a cell using energy. This process
is used when transport needs to be faster than diffusion, and when molecules are being
moved from a region where they are at low concentration to where they are at high

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Preparation for PPT for Biology 4
Organs in the body which remove waste urea from the blood, and balance water and salt
The removal of waste products of chemical reactions from cells
A waste product made by the liver from the breaking down of amino acids the body does
not use
Waste excreted from the body in the kidneys and stored in the bladder
Ecstasy is a recreational drug that increases the concentration of serotonin at the synapses
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