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By Alexandra Lawrence

Biodiversity is a variety of organisms living in one habitat
Biodiversity can be affected by:
the presence of predators
Soil type
Water availability
All the animals in a garden make a community
Population is the number of organisms present in a community
Transect line is the distribution…

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By Alexandra Lawrence

Leaves are adapted to increase the rate of gasses by having:
Large surface area
Gaps between the spongy mesophyll cells
Partially permeable membrane allows the passage of small molecules such as water , carbon
dioxide and oxygen but not large complex molecules like starch

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By Alexandra Lawrence

Salt molecules outside the cell and sugar molecules inside cannot pass through the p.p
Water diffuses from a high concentration to a low one through the p.p membrane
Osmosis is a type of diffusion
Osmosis is the movement of water molecules from high to low concentration…

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By Alexandra Lawrence

Why is water movement useful?:
Evaporation cools the plant
Photosynthesis needs it
Carrying Dissolved minerals
Sonongy mesophyll cells in a leaf have a coating of water (aids diffusion)
Transpiration is the evaporation and diffusion of h2o from inside of leaf too much meansit
withers and dies…

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By Alexandra Lawrence


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