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B3e Growing Up Answer

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B3e Growing Up
1. The diagram shows a leaf cell from a plant. Label the parts.
Use the names / letter only for chloroplast and cytoplasm, of these
parts to complete the following.
(i) Which part of the cell provides support? Plant cell wall
(ii) Which part of the cell contains cell sap? vacuole
(iii) Which part of the cell is a chloroplast? E
(iv) Which part of the cell contains genetic information? Nucleus
(v) Which part of the cell is the cytoplasm? c
2. The main phases of human growth on a growth curve:
adolescence (puberty)
maturity (adulthood)
old age.
3. When analyzing on describing graphs, such as this question below, bear in mind
these points:
Describe how the quantity in the `Y' axis changes ( increases/ decreases
) when the quantity in the `X' axis change. ( circled in the graph
below). An example of the way to describe this graph generally: "as
Steve and get older their masses increase". You need to be sometimes
more specific, as you can see from the questions below.
When the line is steeper, the quantity and the `Y' axis is changing faster
When the line is flat, the quantity in the `Y' axis is not changing.
Try this question on next page now:
Kate and Steve are twins.
The graph shows how their mass changes as they grow.

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For how many years was Kate heavier than Steve?
(ii) Between which ages was Steve growing at the fastest rate?
0 to 1 years…read more


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Answers to questions on plant cell parts and human growth that can be downloaded from a separate document


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