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B3e: Growing up…read more

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B3e: Growing up
Page Ref: 19 Unit Sheet Box:
· Plants and animals are different shapes, they
must be made of different shaped cells.
· Let's have a look at the shape of a basic plant
cell…read more

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Cell wall Chloroplast Nucleus Cytoplasm Vacuole
Cell membrane Mitochondrion…read more

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Activity ­ plant cell…read more

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Plant cells vs. Animal cells
Both types of cell have these: Only plant cells
have these:
4) Cell wall ­ provides
1) Cytoplasm - support
this is where the
reactions happen
2) Nucleus ­
The "brain" of
the cell 5) Chloroplasts ­
contain chlorophyll
3) Cell Membrane ­
holds the cell 6) Large Vacuole
together ­ contains sap…read more

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Animal and Plant Cells…read more

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lisa linsdell


PP presentation to aid revision for this unit. contains information on the parts and function of plant and animal cells, human growth and Stem cells.

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