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B3d Divide and Rule
1. Structure of a sperm cell is adapted to its function:
small size and tail
nucleus carries genes
produced in large numbers to increase chance of fertilisation.
Structure of an egg cell is adapted to its function:
large size as contains food source (for the growing…

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Would they have a greater chance of fertilising an egg? Yes
Explanation mitochondria produces the energy needed for the sperm cell.
If there are more mitochondria the sperm cells will have more energy so
they can swim faster towards the egg

(b) The diagram shows a fertilised egg cell dividing.…

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(a) (i) Kangaroos have 12 chromosomes in each skin cell.
How many chromosomes are in a sperm cell from a kangaroo?

(ii) How many chromosomes are in a kidney cell from a kangaroo?
(b) Look at the diagrams of cell division.

(i) Which diagram describes meiosis?
Choose A,…


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