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B3a Molecules of Life Answer

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B3a Molecules of Life
1. Nucleus carries genetic information.
Cell membrane controls the movement of substances in and out of cells.
Cytoplasm is where many chemical reactions happen.
Respiration occurs in the mitochondria providing energy for life processes.
2. Label these parts on the animal cell
Cell membrane / mitochondria /
nucleus / cytoplasm
Higher only
2. Pepsin is an enzyme that digests (breaks down) protein.
Pepsin is produced in the stomach.
(a) Plot a graph using her first three results.
Finish the graph by drawing the best curve.
Answer: A smooth curve no flat line at the top.
(b) What results would you expect at pH 4 and pH 5?
Extend the line to show your answer.
Answer: The line then should come down.
(c) Protease
3. (a) Many chemical reactions in cells are controlled by enzymes.
(i) A smooth curve no flatline at the top.
all points correctly plotted to within +/ 0.5 square (1)
smooth line of best fit (1)
(ii) Answers between 7 to 9
(b) Amylase denatures / active site changed
(c ) denatures

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Genes are made of DNA.
(i) The diagram shows DNA replication (copying).
Complete the diagram to show the bases in the new DNA strands
(ii) describe the stage is involved in the production of human insulin, by genetically
modified bacteria
Human gene that produces insulin is removed
This gene is inserted into the chromosome of a bacteria
These chromosomes are called plasmids
Then the bacteria are reproduced in a fermenter.…read more


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