B3: Transporting Dissolved Materials (in the blood)

This is a document mainly for students taking AQA Additional Science. It contains information on transporting dissolved materials in the blood from the B3 (biology) specification. I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :) Also, i have a study group called AQA Additional Science where we discuss topics such as this one and many more. Feel free to become a member, the more the merrier!

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B3: Transporting Dissolved Materials

Substances are transported
around the body by the
circulation system (the heart,
the blood vessels and the

They are transported from
where they are taken into the
body to the cells, or from the
cells to where they are
removed from the body.

The heart…

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In the lungs haemoglobin combines with oxygen to form

In other organs oxyhaemoglobin splits up into haemoglobin and

If blood is left to settle, it separates to look like this:


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