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B3 ­ Revision Cards
Classification = putting living things into groups based on their similarities

Kingdom Animalia ­ biggest group that humans belong to
Homo sapiens ­ smallest group that humans belong to

Fish adaptations

Species = Animals from the same species can breed together and produce fertile offspring

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Consumers cannot make their own food so they take in organic materials e.g. animals.
They break down food molecules in respiration.

Animals use energy produced by respiration for life processes e.g. keeping warm

Only about 10% of the energy at each stage gets passed on. The rest:

Used for life…

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1) Plant takes
nitrates to make proteins
2) Primary consumers eat plants, digest the plant protein
3) Use the products called amino acids to make their own animal proteins

Problems of farmers using chemical fertiliser

1) Chemical fertilisers very soluble in water
2) Water rich in nitrate con drain from…

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Conditions have to be right for fossils to develop, only few things end up
as fossils
There are gaps in fossil records

Selective Breeding

Choosing organisms from the same species with different characteristics and
breed them to get offspring that has the characteristics which are

Natural Selection when certain…


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