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GCSE Biology
Life on earth
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Life on Earth
Question 1
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How did life on earth start?
There are various different theories to explain how life on earth started. A
few of these are:
· God created the earth and life on it
· A meteor crashed into the earth and brought singular celled organisms
with it
· Basic chemicals reacted with each other (ammonia, phosphoric salt, light,
heat, electricity (in the form of lightening)) to create very basic life forms
(singular celled organisms which then evolved into multi-cellular life
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What is the scientific evidence for this?
God ­ There absolutely no scientific evidence about god and the only evidence
there is of a god is that over time the bible has been written. Some people would
argue that there have been miracles that demonstrate that God exists. For
others, the idea of faith is extremely important, meaning that the lack of
evidence is a test of their faith. There is however proof that the Jesus that is
stated in the bible was in fact a real person but it is up to people what they
believe in.
Meteor ­ The evidence of a meteor lies within the fact that about one billion years
after the earth was created, a meteor crashed into the earth. After that time
singular celled organisms started to evolve.
Singular celled organisms -
Reacting of chemicals ­ It is known fact there was a
chemical soup at this time and that it was quite
stable; however we do not know if the singular
celled organisms that evolved into life as we know it.
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Why is there more than one theory?
The truth is that until we build a time machine, we can never know how life
on earth started. Every time a new piece of evidence is found, theories
change to accommodate that information and sometimes, when
evidence is found and it doesn't fit in with the theory that is in place, a
whole new theory is made up.
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Life on earth
Question 2
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