B3 OCR 21st Century

key notes made on B3

covers carbon cyle in simple form, evolution theory and importance of bio-diversity

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Variation among a group of species e.g. ostriches are birds but they don't have wing
Reducing Biodiversity
Ban Hunting
Use pesticides
Large fields
Why is it important we don't lose Bio-diversity?
Inspiration e.g. Velcro
Carbon Cycle
Carbon is taken from atmosphere by plants in photosynthesis
Animals / Predators eat plants and excrete carbon
Waste denitrifies into the soil and is decomposed
Deforestation increases carbon in the atmosphere
Combustion, use of fossils, power stations and transport
Evolution ­ Natural Selection
Natural selection- environment causes changes
Charles Darwin believes natural selection is how evolution happened
He was self confident, creative, curious and imaginative
Had another hypothesis
Had an interest in plants for a long time
Fossils and DNA are examples of evidence supporting evolution


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