B3 Notes

After doing a practice paper, here are some things i need to remember! 

Advantages of living in hers are that there is more protection as more eyes are on lookout and it is a succsesful evolutionary strategy as as most the herd that survive produce offspring that inherit the herding instinct. There will also be less leftovers. 

Cloning is unethical because it is seen as playing god and the clone wont have its own identity.

The role of stem cells for curing parkinsons disease is as follows: They are implanted into the brain to replace neurons, that produce dopamine which cures the symptoms of the disease. 

A plasmid is put into yeast cells after the gene is inserted to make more copys of the gene as it reproduces. 

Yeast cells are put into a fermenter as it contains all the right conditions for it to reproduce and grow.

The enzyme used to make vegetarian cheese is CHYMOSIN 

Biotechnology has improved the treatment of diabetes as humans are less likely to have an allergic reaction to human insulin (animal insulin used to be used), its cheaper and easier to produce.

In winter robins live in separate territories as there is less food in the winter. 

The advantages of herbicide resistant plants are that it is easier for plants to control the weeds and insects that reduce amount of food produced, the volume of herbicides is reduced, reducing the risks of herbicides reduces risks to the environment. 

The disadvantages are it may not be safe to consume, may effect weeds into becoming herbicide resistant and it is not natural. 

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