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Life on Earth
W Richards
The Weald School…read more

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Life developing on Earth
1 billion years
4 billion years ago ­ the first 200,000 years
ago ­ the Earth multi-cellular ago ­ the first
is formed organisms humans
3.5 billion years 0.5 billion years ag ­
ago ­ the first the first fish and
living things animals…read more

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Common Ancestors
Modern DNA research shows that all forms of life share a lot
of their DNA. This is used as evidence to suggest that all
forms of desecnded from common ancestors (the Theory of
98.8% shared DNA
85% shared DNA…read more

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Evolution is the slow,
continual change of
organisms over a very
long time. All living
things on the Earth have
developed from the first
simple life forms that
arrived 3,000,000,000
years ago. This
happened through a
process called "Natural
Charles Darwin (1809-1882)…read more

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The "Evolution Tree" for Humans
Family Hylobatidae Family Hominidae
(Lesser Apes) (Great Apes)
Subfamily Subfamily
Ponginae Hominidae
Tribe Panini Tribe Homini
Tribe Gorillini
Gibbons Orangutans Chimpanzees Gorillas Humans…read more

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WALT: Explain the evidence for
· You MUST be able to
describe the two types
of variation between
living things
· You SHOULD be able to
describe what
fossilization is Trekking through the
Australian outback you
discover a large purple
· You COULD explain creature with green spots. It
Darwin's theory of has four legs, scaly skin and a
natural selection forked tongue and yellow spots
on its toes. It seems friendly?…read more

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