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DNA structure
DNA is the complex chemical that
carries genetic information. DNA
is contained in chromosomes,
which are found in the nucleus of
most cells. The gene is the unit of
inheritance and different forms of
the same gene are called alleles.
DNA is made up of bases A ,T , G
,C…read more

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DNA Testing
· By cutting a sample of DNA
into fragments and comparing
it with other samples it's
possible to work out if the
DNA has come from the same
person. This technique is
called DNA fingerprinting,
and is a technique used to
help solve crimes where the
suspect may have left a
sample of body tissue at the…read more

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DNA replication
· Isolation - separate the DNA from other
· Fragmentation - use an enzyme to
break the DNA into short lengths
· Separation - pass an electric current
across a layer of gel which has the DNA
fragments at one end. The fragments
will move different distances across the
gel. This is called gel electrophoresis
· Comparison - match the pattern of…read more

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DNA coding for proteins
· The bases in the DNA molecule carry the
different codes needed for different amino
acids. The code for a particular amino acid
is made from three bases in a particular
order…read more

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Human Genome Project
· The genetic information in an organism is
called its genome. The Human Genome
Project was started at the end of the last
century. It was very ambitious and had
several aims, including:
· to work out the order or sequence of all the
three billion base pairs in the human
· to identify all the genes
The human genome project
finished in 2001…read more


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