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Sustainability means keeping a supply of either raw materials
or food so that it doesn't run out

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e.g. we should only catch a certain amount of cod and leave
enough to breed and produce more

Why animals become extinct

If an environment changes an animal may not be as well
It will be forced to compete with other species
This may result in species becoming endangered…

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Habit destruction
Climate change

Nowadays we recognise the possibility of extinction, and put
the programmes in place to protect endangered species

Endangered species

Many animal and plants are in danger of becoming extinct
A species is endangered when its number are so low it is
difficult for…

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One of the species that is endangered is the whale because
of hunting

Different types of whales

Whales are mammals that live in seawater; there are two
types of whales:
The baleen whale eats small animals called krill
The whale sieves the water through baleen plates in its

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Toothed whales, such as the sperm whale, have lots of teeth
to trap food such as squid

Where whales live

Different whale species are found in different seas
This is because they eat different food
Some whales even move from place to place following their
This is called migration

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What whales are used for?

There are many uses for whales, both dead and alive; every
bit can be used for something which is why they are hunted
so much
Whales have been hunted for hundreds of years
Their parts have many uses, selling the whale parts earns
the hunters…

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Sustainable development

To ensure we do not run out of important resources we need
to plan for the future
Sustainable development is a way of taking things from the
environment but leaving enough behind to ensure a supply for
the future and prevent permanent damage

Fishing quotas

Scientists have worked…

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Fossil fuels will run out, yet there is an increase demand for
Therefore we must manage alternative fuels such as wood
The demand for food and other resources could lead to an
increase in whaling
The whaling nations will need to work together to prevent

When whaling quotas…


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