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B2: The Components of
Revision for Year 9…read more

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Topic 1
Animal Cell
The cell membrane
Mitochondria are
separates the
organelles* where
contents of the cell
respiration takes
and its surroundings.
place. They're very
It controls the
movements of
substances into and
out of the cell.
Cytoplasm is
where many of the
The nucleus is chemical reactions
an organelle needed to carry
that contains out life processes
DNA. It controls take place. It
all the contains
activities of the organelles.*
*Organelles are tiny structures
that carry out specific jobs.…read more

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Plant Cell
The cell
wall is
The vacuole made of
is a space tough
in cellulose to
cytoplasm support the
filled with cell and
cell sap and allow it to
supports keep its
the plant by shape.
keeping the
Chloroplasts are organelles that contain
cells rigid. chlorophyll- a green substance that absorbs light
energy which is used in photosynthesis.…read more

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Bacterium Cell
The cell contains a
number of features
·Chromosomal DNA
which contains genetic
info for the cells.
·Plasmid DNA which
contains extra
Chromosomal DNA is a giant loop of
information such as
DNA containing most of the genetic
defence mechanisms.
·Flagella which helps
Plasmid DNA comes in small loops
the cell move.
carrying extra information.…read more

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·Magnify species ·Magnify species
more the 1500 times. more then 2 000 000
·An average person
magnified would be ·An average person
over 2.5km tall. magnified would be
over 3333km tall.
·We can observe
very small structures ·Produce clear
inside cells. images and helped us
discover more on the
detailed structure of…read more

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The Length of the The Length of the object =
Magnified object = The length of the
The length of the magnified object / The
object x the magnification.
The Magnification of
a light microscope is
1500 but the
magnification of an
electron microscope
is 2 000 000.…read more

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