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B2­ Revision cards

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1) Small amounts of dead or inactive
microorganisms get put into your body

2) White blood cells recognise foreign antigen
markers and produce the right antibodies to stick to
the microorganisms

3) Antibodies make the microorganisms clump together and some
white blood cells digest the clump.

4) Body stores some…

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Two risks that increase the risk of antibiotic resistant
people taking antibiotics they don't really need
not finishing their full course of antibiotics

How can we stop the superbugs?
Having better hygiene in hospitals to reduce the risk of infection
Only prescribing antibiotics when a person really needs them

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How does an incubator work?

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Alcohol ­ causes greater volume of dilute urine and makes people dehydrated which can
cause: dizziness, headaches and tiredness. On-going dehydration can cause: kidney, liver,
joints and muscle problems


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