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Sam Burt…read more

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All animals and plants are made up of tiny
Animal and plant cells have many similarities
However plant cells do have some extra's…read more

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Animal & Plant Cell's
Nucleus - Contains genetic material, which
controls the activities of the cell
Cytoplasm - Most chemical processes take place
here, controlled by enzymes
Cell membrane - Controls the movement of
substances into and out of the cell
Mitochondria - Most energy is released by
respiration here
Ribosomes - Protein synthesis happens here…read more

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Plant Cells Only
Cell wall - strengthens the cell
Chloroplasts - contain chlorophyll, which
absorbs light energy for photosynthesis
Permanent Vacuole - filled with cell sap to
help keep the cell enlarged and full of water…read more

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Specialised cells
Specialised cells are cells that have been made
to carry out specific jobs
Examples of these are : Leaf cell, Root hair cell,
sperm cell, red blood cell and fat cells
Specialised cells can often group together to
form tissue
These tissues can join together to form organs
such as the heart, kidneys or a leaf…read more

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