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B2 ­ Keeping Healthy…read more

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Microbes: our defence against
Our bodies have four major defence mechanisms against
invading microbes: The breathing
organs produce
The skin acts mucus to cover the
as a barrier lining of these
organs and trap the
If our skin is
cut platelets Our blood contains
seal the wound white blood cells
by clotting…read more

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How do our bodies resist infection?
Micro-organisms ...... pathogens
Skin Stomach acid Cilia
White blood cells…read more

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Anjola Adeduwon


this is really god and helpful!



This PowerPoint contains slides on topics such as immunology, drugs and heart disease which have clear, colourful diagrams and are easy to learn from. They would be useful for any student studying these topics in their specification.  Team them up with set of flashcards and a quiz for a complete set of resources.  




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