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B1C Disease…read more

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Disease causes
Pathogens Genetic Cancer Deficiencies
·Protozoa ·Huntingdon's ·Lung cancer ·Vitamins
·Fungi ·Minerals
·Bacteria ·food
·Viruses…read more

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Cancer occurs when cells divide in an
uncontrolled way into tumours.
The two types of tumour are benign(grow to
a point and stop) Malignant will continue
growing to a dangerous level, they also
spread dangerously.…read more

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Caused by a parasite
The parasite lives in the blood and liver
The parasite is spread by mosquito's
Malaria can be prevented by:
Method Affect
Open water drained Mosquitoes cannot lay eggs
Open water sprayed with chemicals Kills all mosquitoes and there eggs
Fish introduced to ponds Eat the developing larvae
Net placed over beds Mosquitoes can't bit humans
Humans can take drugs Kills the stage of the mosquito in the
human…read more

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Antibodies and antigens
All microorganisms has specific antigens on
its surface
Our body produces specific antibodies to
each antigen
The antibody attracts onto the antigen to kill
the antigen…read more

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Active immunity is our body making
antibodies that remain in our body to prevent
future infections by the same infection.
In passive immunity is having an injection of
antibodies made by someone else, these do
not last.…read more

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