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Theories of Evolution HSW Word Definition
Hypothesis A possible explanation of a problem that can be
Lamarck- inheritance of acquired characteristics tested experimentally.
Darwin- natural selection & survival of the fittest Evidence The data or observations that are used to
support a given hypothesis or belief.
Life started 3 - 4.5 billion Extinction
years ago. Theory An idea that might explain the results which is
·Changes in environment based on scientific results.
Fossils show how organisms
have changed ·New predators Hearsay A rumour or idea with no evidence to back it up.
·New competitors
·Disease Control A experiment to show what would have
happened if you had not changed the
Gas Problem Population Explosion independent variable.
Carbon Dioxide Global Warming Precision Small divisions on the measuring device gives
+ Methane
More people = high precision.
(rice + cows) ·More waste Accuracy An accurate measurement is one which is close
Sulphur Dioxide Acid Rain ·More air pollution to the true value.
+Nitrogen Oxides
·More water pollution Reliability The results of an investigation may be
CFCs Hole in Ozone considered reliable if they can be repeated.
·Less land available
Ethical Whether something is considered morally right
Sustainable or wrong.
Development Validity Valid data answers the question asked by the
investigation. Data are only valid if the
·Using resources experiment is a fair test.
·Recycle, reuse
·Plan on local and
global scale
·Brown field sites
·SSSIs…read more


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