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Have a heart

The heart is slightly to the left of your body
Your heart is the size of your fist

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Your heart is a blood ­ filled bag of muscle, which acts like a
When your heart contracts, your heart squeezes out blood
When you heart relaxes, your heart fills up again with blood
This non ­ stop action circulates blood around your body
Your heart works all your…

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Child 80 ­ 100 60
Teenager 90 ­ 110 60
Adult 110 ­ 125 60 ­ 70
Middle - aged 130 ­ 150 80 ­ 90
High 160 105
Low 90 40

Blood pressure is affected by weight, stress, diet, age, smoking
and intake of alcohol

Blood pressure problems


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Aerobic respiration

In aerobic respiration cells get enough oxygen

Glucose + Oxygen Carbon Dioxide + Water ( + Energy )
C H O + 6O 6CO + 6H 0 ( + Energy )

During hard exercise the oxygen supply is insufficient to
meet energy demands so anaerobic respiration takes place…

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Anaerobic respiration

In anaerobic respiration cells are not getting enough oxygen

Glucose Lactic Acid ( + Energy )

Anaerobic respiration releases much less energy than aerobic
After hard exercise lactic acid builds up in muscles
This can cause pain in muscles ( cramp ) and a sensation of

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Anaerobic respiration releases much less energy than aerobic

Fitness can be measured as strength, stamina, flexibility,
agility, speed and cardiovascular efficiently ( how well your
heart and lungs work )
Health and fitness are not the same thing


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