B1 - Revision Cards

These are the revision sheets for OCR 21st century, unit B1

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B1 ­ Revision cards
Most of your features are affected by your genes and your environment.
Chromosomes = very long molecules of DNA Clones = genetically identical organisms
Genes = instructions for making proteins
Huntington's disease Cystic Fibrosis
Genetic disorder Genetic disorder
Symptoms don't appear until middle Causes breathing and digestion
age: problems
1) Problems controlling their Mucus much thicker than it should
muscles be
2) Gradually Become forgetful Get lots of chest infections
3) Find it harder to understand and Can be short of nutrients (due to bad
concentrate, have mood changes digestion)
4) After few years can't control Most people can't have children
their movements
5) Condition is fatal

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Alleles ­ different version of the same genes
Genotype ­ the alleles that you inherit
Phenotype ­ what you look like (your characteristics)
You only need one copy of a dominant allele to have its feature. You must have two
copies of a recessive allele to have its feature.…read more

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Why people believe that a termination would be wrong?
An unborn child has the right to life
It should be protected from harm in the same way as people are protected after they
are born
Terminating pregnancy is unnatural, we should not interfere
Supporting ­ genetic screening Not supporting ­ genetic screening
Should give people all information It's very dangerous
about their help , so they can make There is nothing wrong with having a child
informed decisions with an illness
Shouldn't interfere with having…read more

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Should human embryo cloning (to get unspecialised cells) be allowed?…read more


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