B1 Biology OCR Revision Questions

Some questions to test yourself, got 100 UMS revising with these, hope others have the same luck!

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Describe how energy is released from glucose in aerobic respiration and in anaerobic
What are the word equations for anaerobic/aerobic respiration?
Write the balanced equation for aerobic respiration?
Why does your heart beat faster and you breathe faster when exercising?
How is lactic acid removed as your recover from exercise?
What is meant by diastolic/systolic pressure?
How are they measured?
What five factors affect BP?
What are the consequences of High BP?
What's the difference between fitness and health?
How can you measure fitness?
What is food?
What is meant by a balanced diet?
How can religion/personal choice/medical conditions influence a person's diet?
Why do we need protein in our diet? Why is kwashiorkor common in children in some parts of
the word?
What is meant by a first class protein?
What can cause a person to become dangerously underweight?
What does obesity mean? Why is it dangerous?
What does physical digestion mean? Chemical digestion?
Why is digestion necessary?
What is broken down, with what and where is it broken down?
How does bile help with fat digestion?
How are small molecules absorbed into the blood and from where?
What are infectious diseases caused by? What types of these are there? What do they
What does host mean?
What does parasite mean?
How do mosquito vectors spread malaria?
How can we control malaria?
How does the body stop pathogens getting in?
How do white blood cells destroy pathogens?
How can we become immune to a disease? What's the difference between active/passive
What are the risks/benefits associated with immunisation?
Why should we not use antibiotics unnecessarily?
How is a new drug trialled?

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What information is gathered from each of the body's sense organs?
Name and label the parts of the eye and describe their functions?
Describe the pathway of light through the eye?
How does the eye focus light?
What are the causes of long sight and short sight?
Why can't older people focus as well as younger people?
How can short/long sight be corrected?
What's the difference between monocular and binocular vision?
Name and label the main parts of the CNS?
What do neurones carry…read more

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What are chromosomes? What are they made of, where are they found?
How does DNA control the function of cells?
What is meant by genetic code?
How many bases does DNA contain? What are they called?
How many matching pairs of chromosomes do humans have in each cell?
What's the difference between sexual/asexual reproduction?
How does fertilisation produce unique individuals?
Give examples of human characteristics determined only by genes?
Give examples of human characteristics determined by the environment?
How is sex determined in…read more


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