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The Equality Act sets out certain protected these are the following:



*gender reassignment

*marriage and civil partnership



*religion or belief


*sexual orientation

Case example of sexual harassment

Porcelli v Strathclyde council 1986

Mrs Porcelli was harassed by male employees working with her.


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There are a few occupations where it can be claimed that there is a genuine occupational qualification
for a certain sex or race. This is for several reasons

1) Authenticity in entertainment or modelling

2) To preserve the ambience of places selling food and drink; for example a Chinese restaurant…

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A safe plant and equipment case example

Paris v Stepney Borough Council 1951

The employer did not provide safety goggles for a motor mechanic who

only had one good eye. He had to chip rust from under a bus. A piece of

metal fell in his good eye, blinding him.…

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*where a employee on a fixed-term contact is dismissed before the end of a fixed-term contract. For
example a football manager who has a fixed-term contract for 3 years and is dismissed after 2 years.

A claim for wrongful dismissal can be claimed in a employment tribunal.

Pay in lieu…


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