Avatar film review

This was part of my controlled assesment.

It covers the overall story, special effects and my opinion on the film.

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Charlotte Windley
How does James Cameron engage the audience's interest for 156 minutes? Does he keep yours?
James Cameron's film Avatar was released on 18th December 2009 and took six years to make. The
film has no opening credits. James Cameron is known for doing action films such as Terminator and
Titanic. Avatar is set in a place called Pandora which is 4.37 light years away from Earth and is set in
the 22nd century. Pandora is filled with lots of beautiful tropical rainforests and floating mountains
(Pandora has a different gravitational force to Earth so they are able to float). There is a lot of
greenery in Pandora. Pandora is a fictional world which was created using lots of computer aided
imagery and James Cameron took a lot of time creating it in his own head before actually making it
for the film.
At the beginning of the film we are shown a lot of the army gear. These items are a lot better then
the items we have now, they are very high tech. They have lots of aircrafts and weapons that
scientists and army intelligence these days would only be able to dream of. James Cameron put a lot
of thought into these items and you can tell by watching the film. The aircrafts have a lot of detail put
into them.
The Na'vi race live in Pandora and respect nature a lot. The Na'vi race have a sacred tree which the
human race would like to destroy so they can use the energy sources from it. The sacred tree is very
precious to the Na'vi race, as they can hear their ancestors through it. The Colonel of the army send in
Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) to learn the ways of the Na'vi people. Jake is a paraplegic which makes
the Colonel and Doctor Grace doubt him being able to do the job. Originally Jake's brother was
supposed to go to Pandora but he died, and Jake being the only one with the same dna uses his
brothers avatar. The Na'vi race are very cat like in the way that they move, they are slender with
human faces. They look up to their God called "Awol".
Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) is the princess of the Na'vi race, and she is assigned by her parents to teach
Jake the ways of the Na'vi people. Jake soon falls for Neytiri which causes friction with Jake and the
Colonel. Doctor Grace (Sigourney Weaver) stands up for Jake, and helps him. Doctor Grace doesn't
get on well with the Colonel and the Colonel orders Jake to get the Na'vi race to move their sacred
tree. Jake returns to Pandora but becomes engrossed in the beautiful rainforest and the way he can
run, swing and jump like a proper Na'vi. He soon realises the Colonel is destroying the Sacred Tree
and he warns the Na'vi race, coming clean about his real reason for learning the ways of the Na'vi
The Na'vi race are angry at Jake and Doctor Grace (who had also been undercover) and they tie them
up, seeing them as outsiders and bad people. The Na'vi race and the Army go to war and lots of
violence breaks out between the two races. At this part of the film there is a lot of action and a lot of
special effects were used. When creating Avatar, a special camera was used, capturing facial
expressions from the actors and digitally recording them for the animators use later. This meant the
actors wore special sensors, and acted out the scenes for the camera, which were then transferred
over and the animator created the background using computer generated imagery.
When the army start to over power the Na'vi race, Jake Sully and Doctor Grace are set free and help
fight against the army. Jake goes to the sacred tree, connects himself to it, and reaches out to Awol
for help. Later on all animals of the rain forest attack the army, which makes Neytiri realise Awol

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Jake, making him a proper member of the Na'vi race. The Na'vi race defeat the army with
help from Awol.
I think that there are a few messages in the film that James Cameron wanted us to realise. The Na'vi
race treat nature with a lot of respect, and I think James Cameron is trying to tell us to value nature
like the Na'vi race do.…read more



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