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Automated Stock Control ­ `Just In Time'
A2 Product Design Revision…read more

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Automated Stock Control ­ `Just In Time'
· Just in time (JIT) manufacturing is a system used by companies to reduce cost
and increase efficiency.
· In traditional manufacturing, components are taken to the next stage of production
as soon as they are ready. In JIT production, each stage must be provided with
the number of components required.
· By only producing items when they are actually needed, the quality and efficiency
of the manufacturing process are improved.…read more

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Automated Stock Control ­ `Just In Time' Continued
· The idea is that a re ­ order level is set within stock control and a new stock is
only ordered when a certain level is reached. There is therefore no over ordering,
saving space and increasing efficiency.
· Example:
Car manufacturing…read more

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Automated Stock Control ­ `Just In Time' Continued
Advantages: Disadvantages:
· Eliminated expenses · Because JIT is so specific it does not allow
· Increased efficiency room for changes in a product
· Increased goal size · Costly for a manufacturer especially if there is a
· Increased productivity defect in one of the product lines. This would
· Supplier/customer relationships call for a total reconstruction in order to
determine where the fault lies and how to fix it
· Employee morale due to the increases
according to JIT
associated with JIT systems
· Trust given to the supplier - if the supplier was
· It can lead to high returns for the company itself
not able to deliver production would come to a
stand still. As a manufacturer you have to rely
· Rapid turnovers on the success of another business in order to
· Smooth manufacturing processes ensure the success of yours.…read more


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