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Augustine's theodicy has many strengths but also
many weaknesses. Augustine's theodicy is an
argument to prove God is still Omnibenevolent and
Omnipotent and that he cannot do anything about
the evil and suffering in the world because humans
created sin when the original sin was committed.
Augustine based his theodicy on his own religious
beliefs and uses the old testament bible as his source.…read more

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Based on the old testament in the bible
(Genies 1 and 3) and does not contradict
what the scriptures say.
Evil is not what God planned.…read more

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If evil is a privation of good then how do
we know what perfection is?
Other idea's have been put forward
to why evil exists.…read more

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Developed further by Thomas Aquinas
and John Calvin.
God sent down Jesus to save us from
our sins.…read more

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Most Christian's don't actually believe in
the Genesis stories.
Does not take into account Darwin'
s evolutionary theory.…read more

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