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Audio Script for my video on Death and the Afterlife, Topic Four for Philosophy and Ethics GCSE

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Audio Script: Philosophy and Ethics: Topic 4: Death and the Afterlife (Christianity)
Ok, I'm gonna be talking about something a little bit different today, but don't you worry triple
scientists, I'll be making a Biology video shortly.
Anyway, before I start the main topic of this video, which is Death and the Afterlife for
Philosophy and Ethics, I just wanna give you a few hints and tips for revision. This (holds up folder) is my
revision folder. It contains all the revision notes I have made and each subject is separated with a divider.
This was important for me as I like to know where all my revision is so I can come back to my notes at any
point. These (holds up post-it notes) are post-it notes that I have been sticking all around my room to
give me quick bites of information when I enter, leave or just move around in my room. For example this
one gives me the rules about indices for my maths exam.
Anyway, to the point of this video; Death and the Afterlife. This is known as topic 4 for GCSE
Philosophy and Ethics. I'm not sure which board I'm with, but I think it is OCR. I would like to point out at
this point that this is for the Christianity part of the paper, so if your school has elected to take Islam or
one of the other religions available on the paper, please find a different video as this will not help you at
What are the basics of Death and the Afterlife? (Death and the Afterlife comes on screen)
Well, Christians believe in Heaven and Hell. Duh. Heaven, being a wonderful place full of joy and
bliss and Hell being equivalent to a prison, where you're tortured for all of eternity for your sins. But do
NOT say in your exam that "good" people go to Heaven and "bad" people go to Hell, promise me you
won't! Because they don't. It's a little bit more complicated than that...
Christians believe that to get into Heaven you must be perfect, which means sinless. However,
unfortunately for us, all humans sin, most on a daily basis. It's a fundamental fact of life that we humans
are not perfect. This means that we fall short of the glory of God and, er, should be punished by an
eternity in Hell. Don't worry though ­ there is a solution! When Jesus was executed, he took on the
punishment for mankind's sins. This enables us to sin and get away with it because we can be forgiven by
God. For your exam you should know the main differences between Protestant and Roman Catholic
belief as you need to be able to give two Christian opinions to gain good marks. When in doubt you could
refer to Deontological and Teleological Christians, but if big words aren't your thing, it's probably bet
just to memorise a few beliefs for a few denominations.
Roman Catholics believe that you have to be a member of the Roman Catholic Church to enter
Heaven. This means that even if God can grant you forgiveness for your sins, you'll still go to hell unless
you're part of their church. Bummer. Even if you are Roman Catholic it doesn't grant you an immediate
place in Heaven, you must be without sin too. If God judges that your sins are too great to forgive, then
he may decide to send you to Purgatory, where you will pay for your sins. Once you have done that,
you're free to move on to Heaven. On the other hand, Protestants don't believe in Purgatory and teach
that you only need to have faith in Jesus and be forgiven to get into Heaven.
Moving swiftly onto....arguments for and against life after death. (Life after death comes on
screen) Ok, not my favourite topic but it has to be mentioned. So, reasons for life after death.

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Firstly, every religion gives evidence for something beyond death...if all of them do it, surely
there must be something?
Secondly, there is something to humans that is more than just a physical living machine. We have
a personality or what some people might call a soul. We have a self awareness that makes us seem like
we're more than just chemical and electrical activity.…read more


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