Attitudes to other religions

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Attitudes to other religions
Ecumenial- Different Christian denominations working together
Evangelism-persuading others to share your faith
Proselytising- trying to convert people from their religion to yours
Religious prejudice in society
Religious festivals: Christmas, Easter. What happens when other religions want to
Sunday is seen as "day of rest". What if an employee is Jewish who has Saturday a
day of rest...What would they do?
Muslims need time to pray during the that allowed?
Food: Jews have kosher laws, Muslims halal, is it easily available?
Religious education: 50% of curriculum is that fair?
Christians have faith schools, why can't other religions.
Jews were blamed for killing Jesus-"Christ killers"
Money lenders: Jews were only allowed to be money lenders in the middle ages and not
charge interest
They are stereotyped as ugly, mean, selfish...
Suffered 900 years of persecution across Europe
Holocaust: Hitler blamed them for Germany's problems
Exclusivism-The belief that other religions are wrong
Exclusivism Inclusivism
Roman Catholic church ­ The pope recently said Other religions were created by the Christian
that all non-RC are "defects" God and so are actually christian
"No-one comes to the father except by me" People in other religions will still be saved if they
Jesus in John seek the truth and are good people.
If the bible is true about everything, people
believe people can only be saved and go to
heaven by listening and responding to Jesus
"Make disciples of all nations" Matthew 28
Missionaries- people are sent all over the world
to convert people to Christianity

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Problems with exclusivism
What if people had not heard about religion but still lead a good life?
How do we decide which religion is true?
What about good people in other religions?
Abraham lived before Jesus but is still said to have gone to heaven...
Problems with Inclusivism
Does this make Jews secret Christians or the other way around...?
It patronises other religions and defeats the point of missionaries.
Positive attitude
"There is neither Greek nor Jew...…read more


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