Attitudes to Food and Eating Behaviour - Building Block

Here is a building block (i.e. essay plan) that I made for the first topic in the Eating unit. It includes many studies which aren't in the 'Complete Companion' textbook because my teacher found some which are more memorable. They're a lot more interesting and I found that they stuck in my mind quite easily. I felt very confident with this one when going into the exam.

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Building block: Attitudes to Food and Eating Behaviour

AO / IDA Content of paragraph
AO1 Children learning to like foods through their parent's reaction (vicarious
reinforcement) as they are their role model.
Parental If observe a positive pleasant reaction, they form a mental representation of
Role Models whether this food…

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AO1 The representation of food in media can influence choices.
Branding uses the `mere exposure effect' as its advertising makes us feel more
Media familiar with the food, encouraging us to prefer it to brands we have not
experienced/encountered before.

AO2 Robinson ­ offered children two fast food meals each.…


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