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What have we learned about the character of Atticus from Part 1?
In part, one we learn a lot about Atticus the main characteristic that we learn is that he is a very fair
and level-headed individual this is shown many times in the first part. When he answers a question
that scout puts to him about the trial he straight forward and tells her exactly what is happening. He
tells her "I couldn't hold up my head in town" which shows that even though he is older than her not
doing the right thing will make him a nobody.
Atticus is old he is nearly fifty and has a bad eye which makes it hard for him to see. He is not
physically fit like some of the other fathers in Scouts class but he is as mentally fit as anyone. His
sarcastic wit he uses when answering questions gives him an air of respect and class. This may
sounder very snobby but the way he goes about it is far from it "I do my best to love everybody" is
his own words and this is something he always does. When Mrs Dubose is yelling abuse at him he is
courteous and says good afternoon and takes of his hat his respect for others earns him his respect.
Many people act differently in public to how they do in private but Atticus is different he is easy
going and courteous to everyone. Scout says looking back on her life "the same in his house as he is
on public streets" something many people in Maycomb do not have. This shows us how Atticus is not
a hypocrite, everything he says, and does he believes in. Many of the women say they are not racist
and that they live civilly but it is not true as when the time for the trial comes up the insults and
prejudice towards black people comes out this sets Atticus away from the rest.
During the conversation at Christmas Uncle Jack tells Atticus about Scouts fight and how she had
wondered what a "whore lady" was. Jack not being as straight forward as Atticus told her a story
about Lord Melbourne. Atticus's reply to that is when a child asks you something answer him, for
godness' sake" this shows how much respect he gives to people as normally nobody would tell a
young child the story about Lord Melbourne but Atticus's honest nature makes the point that
everyone is equal.
This is shown a lot through To Kill A Mockingbird but I believe the most effective is when it snows and
the children decided to make a snowman. Not having enough snow they have to use dirt to make him
big and then cover him in snow. The snowman is white on the outside but black on the inside showing
that inside we are the same but on the outside we may be different.
Being the same on the inside is something that Harper Lee tries to put across throughout the book
but I believe that it is most common in Atticus and shows to the reader how a respectable human
being should live.


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