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The Rubicon Test (Stonehouse (1978)):"the offender must have crossed the Rubicon and burnt his boats"- Lord
Criminal Attempts Act (1981)
Definition s.1(1) a person will be guilty of an attempt if `a person does an act which is more than merely
preparatory to the commission of the offence with intent to commit an offence to which this section applies.…read more

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Conditional intent
A person attempts to do something only if a certain condition is satisfied.
Easom (1981): D picked up a handbag looked through it and left the bag.
HELD: found not guilty because he did not the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.
Hesseyn (1977): middle of the night looked in the back of a van.
HELD: not guilty because he did not have the intention.…read more

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