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Attachment type Glossary!!
Attachment An intense, emotional two-way bond between two individuals, usually
mother and infant.

Strange Situation A technique developed by Ainsworth & Bell for observing infant-mother
behaviour in 7 different 3-minute episodes

Controlled A research method in which behaviour is observed in a situation set up
Observation (controlled)…

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Demand Behaviour shown by research participants. They show demand
Characteristics characteristics when they try to work out the purpose of the study and
change their behaviour to what it would have normally been.

Culturally Biased Research methods, or the interpretation of research findings, which are
based on the understanding of…

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Kagan's A hypothesis which suggests that the caring style of the mother makes no
Temperamental difference to what attachment type the infant develops: it is the infant's
Hypothesis innate temperament that determines its attachment type

Maternal Sensitivity How sensitive is the mother to the infant's needs? Ainsworth believed that


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