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By Vipna, Rakhi, Ruchika,
Apoorva and Shermane…read more

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Photosynthesis and CO2
Photosynthesis is a chemical CO2 is a greenhouse gas that
process which plants use to absorbs and emits radiation, this
produce their food. process is cause of greenhouse
Photosynthesis converts carbon effect.
dioxide into organic compounds, Greenhouse gases affects the
using energy from the sun. The temperature of the Earth.
process uses carbon dioxide and
water, releasing oxygen as a CO2 is a chemical compound found
waste product: in gaseous state in the Earth's
6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 +6O2 atmosphere.
Natural sources of this gas include
They help in maintaining a volcanoes, respiration and hot
balanced level of oxygen and springs.
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Man-made sources include burning
of fossil fuels for heating, power
generation and transport.
At present there is approximately 393
ppm volume of CO2 gas in the
atmosphere.…read more

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Advantages for encouraging
Provides more energy for plants.
Provides more oxygen to animals and
plants for aerobic respiration this helps
plants to grow and reproduce allowing
forests to recover after deforestation.
Encouraging more photosynthesis will
help lowers CO2 levels but too low as
this may harm the environment by
decreasing the temperature and
causing the planet to freeze however
high levels of carbon dioxide helps to
keep our planet warm and livable.
Photosynthesis helps this by
maintaining the balance in both
situations.…read more

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What are the Problems of
The fact that Photosynthesis needs Sun,
Water and Carbon Dioxide!…read more

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Artificial Photosynthesis
Artificial Photosynthesis first started in 2000
They used titanium dioxide as a
A photocatalyst accelerates processes
relating to light and, in this case, energy.…read more

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In conclusion...
Encouraging photosynthesis
with the use of materials such as
titanium dioxide will help to
reduce the currently enhanced
greenhouse effect and should
slow down global warming.
An alternative could be to put a
more or stricter bans to prevent
logging of rainforests which
currently is reducing the amount
of photosynthesis around the
world.…read more


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