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Affects about 5.4 million
people in the UK
Usually starts in
A doctor uses a peak flow
meter to diagnose the
This involves breathing
into a machine that
measures the rate and
volume of air flow in and
out of the lungs…read more

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What is Asthma?
In asthmatics, the
bronchi are sensitive
because they are
When they are
irritated, the muscles
around them tighten
and the airways
narrow. This can cause
an increased
production of
mucous/phlegm, and it
is difficult to breathe.
This is called an…read more

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Triggers of an Asthma attack
Irritants such as
smoke, dust, fumes,
animal hair, mould,
Colds or viral
Some medications
Hormones…read more

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Causes of this condition
Exact causes are unknown, although you are
more likely to develop asthma if there is a
family history of asthma, eczema, allergies
If a child's parents smoke (particularly when
the mother is pregnant), it is quite likely that
they will develop the condition.…read more

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