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Home Background Factors and Home Background Factors and
Achievement ­ Cultural Deprivation Achievement ­ Material Deprivation
Lack of intellectual stimulation. Working class parents less likely to Examples include; Poor housing, poor diet, lack of books and
read to their children, or give them toys which stimulate learning material.
Restricted speech…

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The Curriculum Ethnicity ­ External Factors and
Everything taught and learnt in school. Affects achievement in 2
ways. Cultural Deprivation theory. Inadequate primary socialisation.
High and Low status knowledge ­ Keddie ­ Higher streams are Parents fail to equip children with necessary language skills.
given high status knowledge; low…

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Gender and Achievement ­ Internal Subject Choices and Gender
Gender role socialisation ­ parents dress boys and girls different,
give them different toys etc
1988 National curriculum introduced ­ girls and boys learn the
same Subjects have a gendered image ­ science mostly male teachers
with male focussed examples…

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Theory ­ New Right Educational Policy
Chubb and Moe ­ State education doesn't deliver meritocracy and Phase 1 ­ 1870-1944 Education reproduced ascribed status. Middle
this means disadvantaged and ethnic minorities are losing out, class had academic schooling, working class had basic schooling to
disregards local needs with `consumers' (Parents…


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