Assessing risks in sports

BTEC National diploma in sports

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Wednesday 14th September 2011
Assessing risks in sports
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
The main requirement of the personal protective equipment (1992) is the personal protective
equipment which is too be supplied and used to work wherever there are risks to health and safety
that cannot be reduced in any other ways adequately. The regulations also require that personal
protective equipment:
Is properly assessed before use, to ensure it is suitable
Is provided with instructions on how to use it safely
Is maintained and stored properly
Is used correctly by employees
Body part hazard PPE
Head Impact from falling or flying A wide range of helmets and
objects, risks of bumping the bump caps
Lungs Dust, vapour, gas, oxygen- Respirators, air fed helmets
deficient atmosphere
Hands and arms Abrasion, temperature Gloves, wrist cuffs
extremes, cuts and punctures armlets


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