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Assess the view that pupil subcultures are the key to understanding educational underachievement.

Claire Jones

Since education was made compulsory for all children up to 10 years old in 1880, there have been
attempts to provide equal opportunities for all. The tripartite system from 1944 aimed to give every

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Turner commented, there may be more than one set of values within the management of a school, and
pupils may accept some of these and reject others. Woods does not provide an explanation for why
working class pupils choose to reject these values, so while observing pupil subcultures is useful…

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number of their factors which cause underachievement. Some of these other factors come from wider
society, and some come from within a school. For example, the underachievement of some ethnic
groups as well as the working class can be linked to the material deprivation which the majority of
families from…


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