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Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the usefulness of different sociological
approaches to suicide. (21 marks)

According to Item A, suicides are based on coroner's interpretations and differ across cultures
as Danish coroner's base their verdicts on probability rather than English coroners who must
find evidence to support…

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verified or falsified.

Durkheim's (1897) study is useful as it has been used for over 70 years and his research is a
good example of how to undergo positivistic research into social topics. He drew up theoretical
conclusions on the causes of suicide from his data and proposed four types…

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such as speaking with coroners and examinations of court records. This methodology however,
is often biased as it can easily impose the researcher's meanings, and thus decreases its
usefulness. Atkinson manages to identify that coroners use commonsense theories about
suicide for example, if a victim's cause of death is an…


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