Assess the Reasons why there was a Continuing Debate About Nuclear Weapons in the Period 1945 to 1990.

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Correct to query the level of analysis. Bolder statements will gain credit - especially in the conclusion where you must try to end on a more dynamic tone. Need to be more assertive with my analysis and evaluation of relative importance of the reasons. Use the term 'significance' and 'ASSESS!'

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Assess the Reasons Why There Was a Continuing Debate
About Nuclear Weapons in Britain in the Period 1945-
Britain's reasoning behind the independent building and maintaining of nuclear weapons in the
Period 1945-1990 was varied. The most influential of reasons was the British desire to have an
independent nuclear…

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reliant on the US, especially for delivery systems such as when in 1960 the increasing costs and
pace of the USA and USSR progress led to the cancellation of the Blue Streak missile with little
influence. Further evidence is the issue of Polaris in 1961, a submarine launched missile.

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reduction in defence spending, with emphasis on British commitment to NATO. The cost of
nuclear policy had been escalating, and among some Labour MP's in particular opposition was
created, as defence policy was seen to have taken funds from elsewhere. By 1954-5 the cost of
rearmament had approached the levels…


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