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Offspring produced in this way get all their genes from just one parent
So have exactly the same genes as parent
All are clones of the parent…read more

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This happens by mitosis
Daughter cells are
identical and are
therefore classified as
`clones'…read more

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There are many methods of asexual reproduction:
1. Binary Fission
2. Producing spores
3. regeneration/fragmentation
4. Budding
5. Vegetative propagation
Strawberry plants reproduce asexually!…read more

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Binary Fission
Occurs in Bacteria
After replicating its genetic
material, the cell divides into two
nearly equal sized daughter cells.
The genetic material is also
equally split.
The daughter cells are genetically
identical (unless a mutation occurs
during replication).…read more

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Producing spores(sporulation)
Involves mitosis and the production of spores
These spores can survive in extreme conditions and
grow into new individuals…read more

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the process by which some organisms replace or restore
lost or amputated body parts.…read more

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