Asch's line judgement task

Asch's line judgement task study with evalution points; this shows normative social influence which leads to compliance.

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Key Study Aim/Methods/Results/Conclusion Methodological Issues Ethical Issues
Asch (1951): `The Line A>investigating the influence of an Controlled Deception
Task' incorrect majority view on an individual experiment ­ high Protection
exposed to this view. degree of control ­ Informed consent
M>line judgement task replicated lots of
Compliance or 7 confederates times
Normative Social 1 naïve Male students used
Influence Everyone had to state aloud the ­ population validity
comparison line Task ­ ecological
Naïve sat at the end of the row and validity
R> Demand
22% gave the correct answer on all characteristics ­
occassions internal validity
78% gave at least one incorrect response Male students used
5% conformed to the incorrect majority on ­ population validity
all occassions Time validity ­
C>Asch confirmed that people conform to McCarthyism
the majority view
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